About VCI Ambulances

VCI's Key Values Include Honesty, Integrity, Safety, and Reliability

Honesty is our priority

At VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists, honesty is our number one policy. Establishing an honest and trusting rapport from the beginning is paramount in building a long-term relationship with a client. Part of the initial discussions with potential customers is to explain that not only would VCI like to provide them with their next ambulance but to also emphasize that VCI can take care of all of their ambulance and emergency vehicle needs in the future. The only way VCI successfully accomplishes this objective is with superior products, excellent service, and providing an honest and open-door policy from the beginning. This is VCI's standard and unwavering approach to acquiring long-term customer satisfaction.

Safety is crucial

VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists is committed to occupant safety which is evident in the brands of ambulances that we offer. We are proud to have partnered with brands that have been conducting crash testing since as early as 1974 and are committed to the safety and well-being of the occupants. VCI emphasizes the safety standards of every ambulance to instill that the crew and patients riding in that ambulance will be as safe as possible. Many features and innovations have been developed to continually ensure that occupant safety is the most important aspect when building a new ambulance. Let the product specialists at VCI help keep your patient and crews safe, while meeting your organization’s ambulance requirements and budget.

Integrity is a guarantee

VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists is confident in the integrity of their staff and services by employing the largest and most experienced team of emergency vehicle professionals committed solely to ambulances. The products that we offer are built with integrity at their core from the substructure to the final fit and finish. Each ambulance that we deliver is designed and built without compromise. It is this unwavering approach in customization and purpose built ambulances that enables VCI to be confident in the integrity of the products that we offer. Through the years, VCI's integrity has become known and recognized in the industry and is evident by the multiple Horton and AEV Dealer awards that VCI has earned. VCI is a member of the National Truck and Equipment Association, CAAS, as well as proudly becoming a Ford QVM (Qualified Vehicle Modifier Program) certified remount facility. VCI has emerged as a leader in the emergency vehicle industry by completing the first Ford QVM E-series to F-series remount conversion. In addition to the brands of ambulances that we offer, VCI is continually looking for ways to innovate our products and services.

We're always available

If you are looking for a partner to rely on for all of your emergency vehicle needs, then look no further than VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists. VCI has the largest selection of products and services available to our customers, including complete in-house service capabilities such as chassis warranty repairs, module warranty repairs, preventative maintenance, service repair, and collision and body repairs. VCI is dedicated to exceeding your expectations by delivering the highest quality ambulances with 85 employees dedicated solely to ambulances and service centers in 3 locations. We understand the demanding schedules of EMS and fire professionals which is why our product specialists are readily available to discuss your next ambulance purchase. For an added convenience to our customers, VCI offers mobile service by experienced technicians for in-house repair work as well as a toll-free 24 hour hotline that customers can call whenever they need help with their ambulance. VCI is committed to our customers by always being available.

VCI Timeline

Built on honesty, integrity, safety and reliability, VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists has established a reputable name in the emergency vehicle industry. For 40 years, VCI has been dedicated to the satisfaction of our fire and EMS customers and believes that building a trusting relationship with our customers has always been the key to long term success.

  • In 1978, VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists was established under the name of Vic Constantino, Inc. Upon first opening, VCI sold Braun Ambulances and Ashley (precursor to AEV) ambulances in South Jersey.
  • In 1988, VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists opened a service facility to better serve their customer base.  This service facility is where the current Body Shop for VCI resides.  It was also at this time VCI added their Ford Warranty capabilities, expanding their service and expertise.
  • In 1990, VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists acquired a sales territory for Horton Ambulances. With the success of sales in South Jersey, VCI also eventually expanded their sales reach to include Delaware and Southeastern Pennsylvania.
  • In 1998, VCI was purchased by the current owners and the name was officially changed to VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists.
  • In 2001, VCI’s continued success led to receiving the North Jersey sales territory for both Horton and AEV, solidifying sales in the entire state of New Jersey.
  • In 2005, VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists grew further to encompass Eastern and Central Pennsylvania sales territories.
  • In 2008, with 35 employees on board and still growing strong, VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists took over the New York sales territory.
  • In 2009, ambulance remounting capabilities was added to VCI’s long list of services they could provide their customers.
  • In 2011, VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists proudly became a QVM (Ford’s Qualified Vehicle Modifier Program) certified Remount facility.
  • In 2015, VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists acquired a sales territory to sell the Medix Specialty Vehicles brand.
  • Today, VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists has grown to 85 employees spread throughout 4 states, which includes a 40,000 square foot Sales and Service Headquarters located in Berlin, NJ, with additional service centers located in NY, NJ, and PA.

VCI Locations

Berlin, NJ

43 Jefferson Ave. Berlin, NJ 08009

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South Plainfield, NJ

3560 Kennedy Rd. South Plainfield, NJ 07080

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Long Island, NY

920 Lincoln Ave. Holbrook, NY 11741

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Pittston, PA

20 Freeport Rd. Pittston, PA 18640

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