Press Release – NJ EMS Task Force Deliveries

February 5, 2021 / 2652 / News


VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists is proud to have delivered three 2021 Freightliner M260 26’ Dry Freight Box Trucks to the New Jersey EMS Task Force that will be distributed to host agencies throughout the state to significantly enhance the EMS response in New Jersey.

VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists is proud to have been able to supply these 2021 Freightliner M260 box trucks to the NJ EMS Task Force. Many vendors came together to make this project a reality in an accelerated timeline. While most vendors are unable to meet deadlines due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our supply chain partners rose to the challenge to provide a quality product to our friends at the NJ EMS Task Force. After an extensive nationwide search for a vehicle chassis, we were fortunate to find three identical 2021 Freightliner M260 extended cab chassis at Stoops Freightliner in Fort Wayne, IN. The 26’ custom dry freight boxes and Dhollandia cantilever lift gates were built and installed by US Truck Body in Streator, IL. The conversion department at VCI worked tirelessly to install the Whelen Cenator light bar, handheld 2 siren and light controller, M-Series warning lights and Pioneer dual panel scene lights. And all of this was done in just over 2 months.

VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists has been in business for over 40 years, and is a proud dealer of Horton Emergency Vehicles, AEV, and Medix Specialty Vehicles. VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists has sales and service locations in Berlin and South Plainfield, NJ; Holbrook, NY, and Pittston, PA. These four locations service customers in Delaware, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, and New York. The NJ EMS Task Force is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that represents more than 200 career and volunteer EMS providers throughout the state, who are trained in various disciplines of emergency medical services to respond to large-scale man-made and natural disasters as well as pre-planned events.

The New Jersey EMS Task Force plays a significant role in the state of New Jersey’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, while also preparing for unseen disasters ahead. The organization was activated in March 2020 at the start of the pandemic. Working side-by-side with local, state, and national health, law enforcement and office of emergency management teams, NJEMSTF members have handled such missions as providing administrative and logistics support at mobile COVID-19 testing sites, deployed Western Shelter tent facilities at 20 hospitals, placed oxygen generators at various facilities, and coordinated the deployment of its medical ambulance bus fleet to transport COVID-19 positive patients from long term care facilities and hospitals. The team also helped coordinate the deployment of out-of-state FEMA ambulance teams. The organization on an ongoing basis assists with coordination of state EMS needs.

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Press Release – Vehicle Conversion Division

September 28, 2020 / 2171 / News

Vehicle Conversion Division
at VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists!

VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists is proud to announce the official formation of the Vehicle Conversion Division to our business to help better serve our existing and new customers. We will be taking our 40+ years of experience in the ambulance business and applying it to this new division. The new division will focus on chief’s vehicles, quick response vehicles, ESU trucks, incident command, paramedic units, SAR, quick attack and brush trucks, mini-pumpers, prisoner transport, K-9 units, and fleet vehicles with the ability to provide a one-stop resource for our customers from the chassis, to upfit, to paint, to graphics. Overseeing this new division will be Milt Grimes who has been promoted to Market Manager – Conversions and Stock Remounts. He will be overseeing the sales and production efforts of the conversion division as well as our established Stock Remount program. Milt brings over 15 years of experience in emergency vehicle sales and production to this new position including the last 10 at VCI Emergency Vehicles!  So if you’re in the market for a new command vehicle, give us a call at 1-800-394-2162 and ask for Milt Grimes. At VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists… IT’S WHAT WE DO!

Milt Grimes
Market Manager – Conversions and Stock Remounts
1-800-394-2162 Ext. 107

Press Release – New York General Manager Appointment

January 8, 2020 / 2169 / News

Press Release

January 7, 2020

VCI Emergency Vehicles announces the hiring of Brian Beauchesne as General
Manager in charge of the company’s New York operations.

Brian brings with him nearly 20 years of emergency vehicle fleet maintenance and
commercial management experience serving in positions of increasing responsibility in
the Lifestar Response/Falck USA group, culminating in his appointment to the Falck
Global Operation Excellence team as the US Fleet expert.

The Company feels strongly that Brian’s unique combination of commercial
management and emergency vehicle service will mesh strongly with VCI’s commitment
to serving the Fire and EMS communities. Bob Bohny, President of VCI Emergency
Vehicle Specialists, said “We’re excited to have Brian on board. His depth of
experience, knowledge and management capabilities will complement our growing NY
sales and service operations.”

VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists specializes in ambulance sales and service to the
EMS industry. For more information, contact Justine Oquendo at 856-768-2162.

Voorhees Township Fire – Horton Ambulance

June 19, 2018 / 3293 / News

Author: The Gold Cross Magazine

The EMS Division of the Voorhees Township Fire Department answers a lot of calls – about 5600 a year – with two of their five ambulances on duty 24/7. Care to guess who’s the manufacturer of all five rigs?  “In the past twenty years,” says EMS Supervisor Harry Woods, “We’ve only run Horton ambulances. When we’re in the market for a new rig, we always look at the competition, but the more we look the more it’s clear: nothing else even compares to a Horton. The roominess, the ride, the quality of the workmanship… I could go on. And that’s why the third rig we’re about to put in service will be a Horton too.”

It’s no mystery why. Horton brings decades of experience and innovation to all of their emergency vehicles, to provide EMS squads with features and quality workmanship that the others lack.

For starters, there ’s the unmatched  HOPS (Horton Occupant Protection System) package, which features a system of airbags, seatbelts and progressive foam protection that provide the best in occupant protection. There’s the Intelliplex i4G™ system – the best electrical offering on the market – which provides custom programming capabilities.

“We’ve only run Horton ambulances. When we’re in the market for a new rig, we always look at the competition, but the more we look the more it’s clear: nothing else even compares to a Horton.”  -Harry Woods, EMS Supervisor

Voorhees Fire Department VCI Ambulances - Horton

There’s the VI-Tech mounting system, which provides a smoother and quieter ride. There’s the Cool-Tech II™ HVAC system,  which can complete a full module cool down in less than nine minutes. And there’s the Horton 360 system, which ensures the driver can see – and the vehicle can be seen – in adverse conditions.

Combine these and hundreds of other features with the outstand- ing sales, service and graphics support provided by VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists, and you’ll see why squads all over New Jersey are loyal VCI customers.  We’d like you to be one too.  Just give us a call!

“It’s What We Do!”

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Emergency Medical Responders

May 25, 2018 / 3075 / News


Posted on May 25, 2018 by Cheryl Souder

After spending this week celebrating Emergency Medical Responders I was able to learn so much about EMS personnel.   I tried to place my feet in the shoes of those who serve our communities in BIGGER ways than we could ever give credit too.  I obviously could not fill these shoes in the slightest way but I was able to take away a better understanding of the type of person it takes to be an Emergency Medical Responder.   In order to work in this line of duty, one must be emotionally, mentally, and physically strong.   Those are just 3 things out of the endless list of attributes one must have in order to do this job.

Can you Imagine?

Can you imagine working a scene where an infant, child, or adult has died?   Can you try to place yourself in those moments and be okay?  Would you be able to work and do what is necessary to provide the utmost care to those who are injured and the families of those who have just lost a loved one?  Can you then imagine only hours later going home to your family and keeping it together?  The burden of the day’s work still fresh on your eyes as you glance upon your family around the dinner table.   Can you imagine yourself working a crash scene with severe life-altering injuries?   Can you imagine the life of the person in front of you literally depends on the choices you make and the lifesaving care you are providing in those very seconds?   The burden and the weight of this job I can imagine would be heavy, like dragging heavy chains across the street as your running up to provide lifesaving aid.   Again your shift ends, you head home, rest your head, and get up and do it all over again.  Day in and day out and sometimes for days on end, from Christmas to Thanksgiving serving the community without an end.   All of this to protect those we love, to serve our community, and save lives.

EMS providers definitely have superhuman qualities, however, they are human’s with real emotions and struggles just like you, just like me.

We must take into account that just because on the outside EMS personnel are able to keep it together to get their jobs done does not mean they do not carry it within them after working traumatic scenes.  EMS providers definitely have superhuman qualities however, they are human’s with real emotions and struggles just like you, just like me.

Please thank an Emergency Medical Responder for every sacrifice that is made to provide lifesaving care to our communities.  EMS providers are crucial to each and every community to provide prehospital lifesaving medical care.  EMS providers are who we personally count on when we are in faced with emergency situations in our lives.   This job is not an easy one and it truly does take an extraordinary person to be an Emergency Medical provider.

Thank you is only a mere sliver of how grateful we truly are for each and every one of you.  We hope you all had a wonderful week celebrating EMS Week 2018.  It was a pleasure to CELEBRATE YOU!!!

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Critical Care Unit

April 16, 2018 / 4648 / News

Critical Care Transport

Why should you choose VCI for your next Critical Care Transport Unit?

Posted on April 16, 2018 by Cheryl Souder

Specialized transport is not a task taken lightly at VCI, we understand how crucial it is to have a custom tailored ambulance to serve the needs that your Critical Care Unit provides to the community.    We have partnered with Horton to provide CCT vehicles because we believe that safety, dependability, and superior construction are the key components to building a highly functional CCT unit. From Mobile ECMO and Balloon Pumps to Nitric, and Neonatal Isolettes, our units are custom engineered for your specific needs.  You and your team know what will work best to provide optimum critical care to your patients; that is exactly why Horton focuses on custom engineering with quality construction by skilled craftsmen’s to make sure your vehicle is dependable at all times.


Horton offers 50 years of custom engineering experience, so when it comes to designing your Critical Care Transport or hospital ambulance Horton promises to deliver a CCT unit that is reliable to ensure your critical care unit can deliver the utmost critical care to the patients they are transporting.

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Ambulance and Emergency Vehicle Manufacturer | CTT/Hospital,

MONOC – VCI – Ambulances

March 8, 2018 / 4390 / News

Monoc, The Monmouth Ocean Hospital Service Corporation is a non-profit hospital cooperative founded in 1978 to improve healthcare and reduce member costs.  MONOC provides multiple services throughout the state of New Jersey to over 2.8 million residents living along New Jersey’s northern, central, and southern shore.  The services they provide include MICU Paramedic Services, Helicopter interfacility and 911 services, Mobile Critical Care Services, and Basic Life Support interfacility and 911 services.    All coordination of communications is done through a 24/7 state of the art 9-1-1 dispatch center.

To further their outfit MONOC has the largest Emergency Medical Services education department in New Jersey that offers the opportunity for EMT’s, Paramedics, Nurses, Police Officers, Fire Fighter’s, and the general public to continue and broaden their education.    MONOC is committed to serving the community with emergency services and continued education.

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About MONOC,

United States Secret Service

March 1, 2018 / 5335 / News

Throwing it back to the time our Remount Department built vehicles for the United States Secret Service! The USSS was founded in 1865 to protect securities; at that time about half of the United States currency was counterfeited. The personal protection mission of the USSS started in 1894 when they provided protection for President Grover Cleveland. Fast forward to today and the USSS has been tasked with the same principle missions with about 3,200 special agents, 1,300 uniformed officers, and 1,700 support personnel. We could not be more honored that the USSS entrusted us with their projects. We certainly hope to work with the USSS in the future!

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